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Edith Hildegard Andersson Hilma Brodin Hilda Victoria Andersson

Edith Andersson, Hilma Brodin and Hilda Andersson emigrated to America in 1913. Their tickets were paid for by August and Anton Andersson, two of Hilda's brothers. The other two girls, Edith and Hilma, were August and Anton's girl friends.

The girls met up in Malmö, Sweden. From there they took a boat to Copenhagen in Denmark. From Copenhagen they went to Esbörg, then to Hull in England. They took the train across England to Liverpool. After staying over night in Liverpool, they boarded the steamship "Franconia", a Cunard steamship bound for Boston, Massachusetts. The Franconia carried almost two thousand passengers. The girls had a 4-person third class cabin that they shared with another girl. The weather during their sea voyage to America was good most of the time. Towards the end of their journey, there was a severe storm making them all quite seasick. All four girls in the cabin got sick at the same time. They arrived to Boston on June 5th 1913.

August and his brother Olof met the girls at the port of Boston and took them to the train heading for Worcester. There, August's and Olof's oldest brother Otto and his wife, Anna, treated them to a big dinner, which was really appreciated after the long period of poor food on the boat. August and Hilda stayed at their brother Otto's house. Hilma and Edith took in at the YWCA. Getting jobs then became their first priority.