American Carpatho-Russian almanacs,, Русскій Календарь, Календарь Общества Русскихъ Братствъ, Karpatorusskii Kalendar, Carpatho-Rusin almanac, Amerikansko-Russki Kalendar

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Here are the contents of the 1956 issue of "Русскій Календарь" (Russian Almanac), which from 1909 to 1956 was an annual publication of the Russian Brotherhood Organization (RBO) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The almanacs were printed by the RBO subsidiary, “Pravda Press”. The pages listing annual religious holidays have been excluded.

Much more similar material can be found on the following site which focuses exclusively on almanacs published by Carpatho-Russian brotherhood organizations, including the RBO:

RBO Календарь на годъ 1956