Anna Pawlak

Anna Pawlak 1918-1922

In the late summer of 2007, I went up and looked behind the door to the attic in the old Pawlak home on Bald Mountain. There was a lot of stuff hanging there. Looking through the things I found a picture of a child. I didn't realize that it might be the picture of Anna that my mother had mentioned because my mother had described the picture as a "locket", something quite small in my experience. This picture, in its circular metallic frame, was about 8 centimeters in diameter (3 inches). While one's customary notions of a "locket" might have to be adjusted somewhat to include this object, it is surely the picture of Anna Pawlak, Mary's older sister, who died of a bad heart in 1922. This picture is all that's left of her, hanging behind a door for more than 80 years.