Anton and Hilma Anderson

Anton and Hilma Anderson.

Anton Anderson had gone to agricultural school in Sweden and risked being called into the Army if they decided to mobilize as a reaction to a feared conflict with Norway, which was, at that time, involved in a border dispute with Norway. Anton obtained a false passport in Copenhagen and went to America as did his brothers, Otto, Olof, August and sister Hilda.

Hilma Brodin had known Anton in Sweden. She made the trip to America together with Edith Andersson and Hilda Andersson. Hilda was the sister of Edith Andersson's boyfriend, August Andersson. The three girls arrived in America together on June 5, 1913 on the steamship Franconia from Liverpool to Boston. The ship had left Liverpool on May 27.

Anton went out west, married Hilma, started a fruit farm, sold it, and bought a gas station in Oakland, Oregon. Anton and Hilma had one son named Raymond, presumably born about 1919.

This is a picture of Anton and his wife Hilma (Brodin) The frame is stamped, "Hartsook Photographers, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Oakland, Sacramento, Visalia, Bakersfield, Pasadena, Santa Rosa, Pomona, Fresno, Stockton, San Jose". On June 1, 1918, Santa Clara County California marriage certificate 1800426 was issued to "Anderson, Anton Julius and Brodin, Hilma Christina". Sometime around 1980 the date "1915" was penciled in on the bottom of this photo, but given the date of the marriage license it is more probable that this is a wedding photo taken in 1918. Of the places mentioned as being the locations of Hartsook affiliates, the city of San Jose is in Santa Clara county where the marriage license was issued and it seems most likely that Anton and Hilma were living there at the time. This photo was water damaged and has been retouched.

Anton and Hilma were divorced. In 1952 he was together with someone named Mary.

At an unknown date, Anton's and Hilma's son Raymond was killed in a fishing boat accident when the boat capsized near Portland, Oregon