Brothers Otto and  August Anderson and August's wife Edith and others

Back row: Edith Anderson, Ingrid Thompson, Anna Anderson; Front row: August Anderson, "Otto P", Paul Anderson, Otto Anderson, probably about 1917

August and Otto, at the ends of the front row, were brothers. Paul Anderson is sitting in his father's, Otto's, lap to the right. Edith, August's wife, is standing on the left. Anna, wife of Otto and mother of Paul is standing behind them on the right.

It is no longer known who Ingrid Thompson and Otto P are.

Otto, oldest boy in his family, came to Amercia early and seems to have aided many Swedish immigrants, friends and relatives, in getting started in America. His brothers, Olof and August, as well as Olof's friend "W-P Jackson" found quarters with Otto upon their arrivals in America. With the boys settled in, the girls came over. On the steamship Franconia's manifest, Edith Andersson, Hilma Brodin and Hilda Andersson all list their final destination as "friend Otto Anderson of #2 Belmont St." in Worcester.

This is what Edith Anderson had to say about her arrival in America, "I shall never forget the first time we saw the east coast of the United States of America. It was truly an unforgettable sight. The sky was blue and clear. There was a strip of land, then woods, and it was not long before the Franconia had docked in the port city of Boston. August and his brother Olof met Hilda, Hilma and me and brought us to the train heading for Worcester where the oldest brother Otto and his wife, Anna, welcomed us. Otto and Anna had just recently moved into a newly built house where everything was nice and clean. It seemed so nice to come to a clean home after such a long sea voyage and a ride on a dirty coal burning train to Worcester. Anna had just baked fresh bread, I can still remember the smell. Anna was glad that some girls had arrived, as earlier it had been only menfolks that came."

The young man is this photo, Otto's son, Paul Otto Anderson, was born in 1910. According to his cousin, Daisy Herman, "he seemed to have his nose in his books much of the time - a gentle person." He studied to be an engineer, but according to Edith Anderson, he "tired of Civil engineering after eight years, then studied to be a Doctor of Medicine at Boston University". Paul never married and died in 1966.

Otto also had a daughter, Vivian, born 2 June 1915. Vivian was said to be stunningly beautiful. She married a man named Philip Geoffry Hedquist. She had two children and died 15 August 1993 in the Shrewsbury area of Worcester.