Feb 7, 1960
Aboard the S.A.S. plane

We are nearing New York and will land in three hours We have had very good clear weather all the way, but it is with great apprehension I come back to the States after 2 1/2 years. As I am called back by Mary she needs help with children while she is in hospital I don't know how seriously ill she is, but I pray and have been praying ever since I got her letter friday morning I had only a little more than a day to get ready, and there was really a lot to do, when there is such uncertainty as to when I can come back, but the thought about seeing my grandchildren is cheering me alot, especially the granddaughter whom I have never seen and they are so small, that there are surely a lot I can do for them.

After we land at Idlewild Airfield I'll look for the plane that leaves for Detroit and it will take only 3 hours more and I'll be there, I will of course make a telephone call to my sons home and he will come and meet me, I am very tired but outside of that I feel good, and I am so thankful to my friends in Halmstad They all helped me so much my cousin Emy gave me a permanent on Friday night. Göran K. is going to take care of my mail, my brother Fred came on Saturday to help me with my baggage and came with me to the rail road station. From Halmstad over the Öre sound we went sitting in the cars and on to Köpenhagen. Took a taxi to Kastrup Airfield and got cheated of the driver, he pretended he could not figure out the difference in Swedish and Danish money, but the other service people were so nice to me that they more then made up for the other one There was also a very interesting sailor on the train he had been all over the world and sure could talk and he helped me with my baggage so there are many good people in this world sometimes when you sitt at home