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letter from Elsa Herman to Edith Anderson

The following is a letter written by Elsa Herman to Edith Anderson

Elsa (Mattson) Herman was the wife of Olof Herman (Andersson), brother of August Anderson, Edith's husband

The letter's return address is: Elsa Herman, 140 W. 7th Ave., Chico, California

The letter's address is: Mrs Edith Anderson, c/o Mrs Sawyer, Salter's Point, South Dartmouth, Mass.

The letter's post mark is: Chico, AUG 7, 5:30 PM, 1946, CALIF.

The four-page letter seems now somewhat unusual in that the the text flows from page 1 to 3 to 2 to 4, but that seems to have been the customary way to write letters in those days

Aug. 6, 1946

Dear Edit,

I had your letter and I was very glad to hear from you. I missed you a lot in Wors.; Things weren't the same as when you were there.

It is too bad about August, and I can understand what you have to go through.

I met your daughter in law and liked her very much, she seemed to be a very nice girl with a lot of understanding. You surely have a fine little grandson too. Perhaps you know that we also have grandsons, two of them, very fine youngsters.

We heard about Lennart that he is planning to get married soon. Tell them to come and see us if they ever come to California.

It feels rather lonely after the children get married, even if they dont go very far, we know they are gone.

I am glad to know that you are planning to take a trip to Sweden. It will do you a lot of good. We are also hoping to go home, but it won't be until three years from now when Olof retires. If you stay long enough perhaps we will see you there.

I don't know of any news to tell you from here. I suppose you know that Hilda has a little granddaughter. They sold their farm for 22000 and are building a home in town. Presgard will probably go back to tailoring. We sold our farm too so it is much easier for Olof now. Dick is back in Los Angeles and is looking for a place to live so he can send for his family. You know how hard that is. Daisy's husband was transfered to another town so they have had trouble finding a home. Young people have their worries too.

Let me hear from you, again some time and if you ever go west be sure to look us up.

Hälsningar, Elsa