Political Flyer from Plains Township


Russian people in Plains Township, to which belong the districts, Hudson, Hillsdale and others, are celebrating. During the elections they managed to get two candidates elected to important local positions - Goobic as commissioner without opposition and Mister Peter Goobic on the Republican and Democratic tickets. The November elections are their first.

The Goobic brothers have won popularity both from their own ethnic community and from others. Their honesty is known to all and they keep their promises. By acting in solidarity, this local victory for the Russian inhabitants was easy.

We must genuinely congratulate the Goobic brothers and all other Russian American citizens in showing their better sides. We hope that this will hold out even during the November elections.

In this victory in Plains Township we can find a good example for other localities where there is a significant number of Russian-American citizens. If they find honest and responsible candidates to local positions and support them in solidarity, then they will be able to get them elected to important posts as has been done in Plains Township.