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Olof Herman with friends and family 1927

This photograph was taken in 1927 in Olof Herman's (real name - Olof Herman Anderson) back yard on Sacramento Avenue in Chico, California. On the far left is Olof's friend W-P Jackson. The two people standing next to Jackson are family friends, Mrs Olson's granddaughter just to the right of Jackson and then Mrs Olson herself. To Mrs Olson's right is Inez Jackson, wife of William Peter. The boy to the right of Inez is Harry William Jackson and behind Harry and to his right is Olof Herman (Andersson). Moving farther to the right are Dick Herman and Roy Peter Jackson. Almost impossible to see, standing in the shadows behind and just slightly right of Roy is Mrs Olson's daughter. The final three on the right are Florence Jackson, Daisy Linnea Herman and finally, Elsa Herman, Olof's wife. Inez Jackson and Elsa Herman were sisters.

Olof Herman and W-P had known each other in Sweden, having met either at the blacksmith school at the Alnarp Agricultural School or perhaps slightly earlier when working as laborers in Svedala or Hyttarp. They married sisters. Seeking better lives for thier families, Olof and W-P took their families and left Worcester sometime around 1915. They moved first to Chicago and from there on to Washington state where they worked as blacksmiths. While blacksmithing in Washington, Olof is said to have invented a beet puller to harvest beets but he wasn't able to put it into production. Olof and W-P moved their families to the San Francisco area in April or May of 1918. They both were able to get jobs in the shipyards there.