John Andrew Jurkovsky family about 1919

John Andrew Jurkovsky family about 1920

Inscription on reverse side of photo in the hand of Andrew Jurkovsky:

back row
John Andrew Jurkovsky, born 1888 in Peregrimka, Austria - now Poland, on the northen border of Czechoslovakia - once a part of illegible Russia, died in 1967 (January)

Eva Danilo Yurkovsky, born 1894 in Mayfield, Pennsylvania, died in October, 1968. Attended a few years of elementary school and a few years of Mayfield's splendid Russian Orthodox parochial school.

middle row
Mary Pawlak Danilo, Grandmother, died about 1930, an angel to us unruly kids.

Peter Danilo, Grandfather, killed in coal mine in Mayfield in August, 1925.

oldest grandchildren
Mamie (Mary), born 1916 in Oliphant, Pa, now Mrs Mancie Velsko, formerly of Mineola (Long Island NY).

Andrew Yurkovsky, born 1915 in Oliphant, Pa