Kresgeville School children

School children at Kresgeville school, 1925 or 1926
It is said that about 1960, the Kresgeville school building was moved to an outdoor museum.

numbered outlines

1-unknown, 2-unknown, 3-unknown, 4-unknown, 5-unknown, 6-unknown, 7-unknown, 8-unknown, 9-Steve Pawlak, 10-unknown, 11-unknown, 12-unknown, 13-unknown, 14-unknown, 15-Carl Kresge, 16-unknown, 17-unknown, 18-unknown, 19-unknown, 20-Helen Kowalski, 21-Stella Kowalski, 22-Mary Pawlak, 23-unknown, 24-unknown, 25-Mickey Smatcher, 26-unknown, 27-unknown, 28-Elizabeth Laubaugh, 29-unknown, 30-Florence Kresge, 31-Florence Kowalski, 32-teacher, either Miss Gallagher or Miss Rowan, 33-unknown, 34-unknown, 35-unknown