Birthplace of Mary Pawlak, Left Rear 14 Cleveland

This is the home where Mary Pawlak was born on June 8, 1919. In 2002 its address was 14 Left Rear Cleveland. The house is located in a cul-de-sac a couple of hundred feet from Cleveland Street and about a hundred feet from Scott Street. In the 1930's this area was popularly referred to as "Krill's Yard". It obtained this name from its one-time owner, Samuel Krill. The Krill property included this house and four other similar dwellings.

The name "Krill's Yard" makes a bit more sense here in Rusyn than it does in English. In English, particularly American English, the word "yard" evokes imagery of a grassy lawn surrounding a house. In Rusyn the word for "yard" is the same as the word for "farm." But it also has a more limited meaining. When used in this more restricted way it refers to that part of a farm on which the buildings (house, sheds, etc) are located as apart from the rest of the farm, that is, the pastures and crop-bearing fields. When used like this, the Rusyn word for "yard" more nearly means a plot of land containing a group of closely situated buildings.

All five buildings in Krill's Yard were of the same construction as other coal company housing in Irishtown and so they most surely were built in the 1880's by the coal company for their employees. When newly built, such homes contained 4 two-room apartments. By the 1920's most such buildings were converted to two-family "double-block" homes. Even this building was converted in this fashion. After this refurbishing, the building had one aparment on the side facing the camera, and one on the opposite side. Each was a four-room apartment with kitchen and living/parlor room on the main floor and two bedrooms upstairs. There were no inside toilet or bath facilities. During one period there was a summer kitchen attached to this side of the building.

This photo shows the home in the year 2002 after much rebuilding and many improvements. The taller part of the house to the left is the original which had two entrances to the left and two to the right. The two right-side entrances are now covered by an addition. The one of the remaining entrances to the left was removed when the home was converted to a single family dwelling. The final original entrance and the original porch face a fenced-off bicycle path so their function became that of a secluded area for relaxation. A new more functional entrance and porch were added on the side facing the lawn.

After the death of Samuel Krill, the property was left to his four children, Nicholas, Samuel "Fuzzy", Mary "Maemie" Grabas Solomon, and Anastasia "Marlene" Detado. Nickolas Krill eventually bought out the others and owned all the property until his death in the late 1960's.