There appears to have once been a second, now missing, second page to this letter

Aug 30, 1944

Feeling so much better and able to prop myself up on an elbow, so I decided to write and tell you all about our son. Roland and I wanted a boy and I'm very, very happy that we got what we wanted.

Maybe, we are prejudiced but he's really the cutest little boy you've ever seen - dark blue eyes - very little hair hair but what he has is dark and he's the largest in the nursery. He sure did take after the Andersons in size and looks. We are so very proud of him and I can hardly wait until the day I could bring him home and show him to his Grandparents. As soon as I leave the hospital we are going to take his pictures and I'll send them to you.

I've been terribly worried about him because he had the colic very badly for two nites. Last nite he as much better and I really was relieved. The nurses fed him a simuliac formula before his 48 hours and I believe that was what caused it.

Another thing that made us glad was Roland's promotion. If he stays where he is for awhile chances are good that he will make captaincy soon. Wouldn't that be just grand? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him because he really deserves every bit he can get because he has worked hard in this Army. We have been so happy together and he's been so good to me that I can't do anything else but pray for the best for him.

We found another basement apartment - a little larger than the one we have - 2 rooms, bedroom and kitchen with electric refrigerator - $35 a mo. and we won't have to buy ice every other day like we do now.