Steamship Trave

Nord-deutscher Lloyd
The Nord-deutscher Lloyd (North German Lloyd) was founded in 1857 by the amalgamation of four smaller companies. The company began operations between Bremen and London with six 500 ton steamers. Transatlantic voyages extending onward from London to New York started in June, 1858. Later Nord-deutscher Lloyd added connections with a number of other cities in the United States and for a few years its ships even sailed to South America.

By 1866 Nord-deutscher Lloyd was making weekly runs to New York and in 1874 averaged 11 days and 13 hours on its sailings. Two new routes from Bremen to the Far East and Bremen to Australia were opened in 1886, both via Suez. Italy to New York sailings began in October, 1891.

In 1893, Nord-deutscher Lloyd began what they called their Roland Line which sailed from Breman to New York every two weeks with steerage passengers and cargo. In 1897 the Bremen - London service was sold to Argo Steamship Company together with seven ships and Nord-deutscher Lloyd concentrated on long distance oceanic connections.

The "Trave" was built by Fairfield & Co, Glasgow in 1886, commissioned by Nord-deutscher Lloyd. The Trave was a 4969 gross ton vessel, 438 feet in length and with a beam of 48.1 feet. It had two funnels, four masts, a single screw and a speed of 17 knots. There was accommodation for 150 first class, 90 second class and 1,000 third class passengers. The Trave was launched on the 18th of February 1886 and made its maiden voyage, Bremerhaven-Southampton-New York, on June 5, 1886.

The Trave was involved in several accidents. On June 13th 1889 it collided with the Russian schooner "David," sinking it. Another unfortunate incident occurred on June 21, 1892 when the Trave collided in the Atlantic with the sailing ship "Fred B. Taylor," which sank with the loss of two lives. In July of 1896 the Trave was refurbished by AG Vulcan in Stettin. The number of masts were two reduced to two, its funnels were lengthened, the cabin deck was extended aft, the number of cabin portholes amidships was increased from 22 to 27 and the engine and boilers were overhauled. In addition it was painted white. After being refitted the Trave continued on the Bremerhaven-New York circuit until 1901 when it was transferred to the Genoa - Naples - New York run. Its last voyage on this route began on April 23, 1903. Between 1903-1906 it was laid up. On March 1, 1906 the Trave made a temporary reappearance between Bremen and New York. It made nine round-trip voyages on this run, the last one in November 1907. In 1909 it was sold and scrapped.