In Roland's handwriting:

June 12, 1943

Hello Mom!

We both want to thank you and Pop for the swell telegram you sent us. It sure came in handy! "Taks so mycket!" It came illegible illegible timely as Mary's birthday was June 8th (she's 24) and there are a lot of little things that she needs. I call her "butch" for short; 'cause it fits her much better than "Mary" - she's a very active girl, full of the devil all the time, full of fun, and has a really fine disposition.

I met her last year through another officer just after I came to Mitchell Field. She is a registered nurse and had been working at Nassau Hospital in Minneola Long Island for two years when I met her. Now she is working at Jackson Memorial Hospital over in Miami. She's really a good nurse, and ambitious, too - her ambition has always been to study medicine illegible, get her MD degree so as to become a doctor herself. That's what she would like to be.

We were married at the home of a doctor and his wife whom Butch had been very friendly with at Jackson. Chaplain Mathiason, an army major, performed the ceremony according to the Lutheran ritual. The only other guests we had were Captain George Gulian and his wife Lucy? and Connie and Thea. Butch wore a white dress, white shoes, hat and vest and red roses. The cake had a little figure on top like a army officer and a girl in white. The ceremony was at 9:30 in the morning, May 26 (so that everybody could get there), Thursday we went on the beach at Fort Lauderdale, and Friday we were both at work. We're living at 1440 Penn. now. Sure wish you folks could have been there also, for the ceremony seemed a bit as if something was lacking, not having you there.

All I can say is that now I can't see why I ever waited so long before "getting hitched," for it sure is swell to have someone around to talk to and not to come home to an empty silent room all the time. Being alone too much of the time is no good. And having meals at home is ever so much better than having to have to run out to a restaurant whenever you get hungry. Butch doesn't do so bad in the kitchen at all. We both like just about the same things in the line of foods (she doesn't care for fish or onions either) Whoops! here comes the little Russian Rascal now - she wants to say something - what's all the fuss about Butch??

In Mary's handwriting:

You have no idea how long it has taken me to try and persuade Andy to write this letter. Will it be alright if I do the writing for him?

Andy is the nicest boy I ever met and no one would ever meet a nicer boy even if they made a trip around the world. We have been very happy to-gether and I know it will continue forever.

I'm sorry I haven't met you before we were married and I'm hoping that we will meet soon.

I would like to tell you something about myself but I believe Andy has already told you all about me.

There's nothing more to add so I'll close wishing you a Happy Birthday!! Many happy returns of the day -


Mary & Roland

In Roland's handwriting:

P.S. Mom, you always used to say that you wanted a daughter - so now what do you think of the idea.


Roland's and Mary's letter to Roland's parents

The Miami address referred to in the text and the return address on the envelope, "1440 Pennsylvania Ave." is apparently still a residential address