The "Saxonia" was built for the Cunard Line in 1899 by John Brown & Co. Ltd of Glasgow. She was a 14,281 gross ton vessel, length 580ft x beam 64.2ft, one funnel (the tallest funnel ever fitted to a steamer), four masts, twin screw and a speed of 15 knots. Accommodation for 164-1st, 200-2nd and 1,600-3rd class passengers. She sailed on her maiden voyage from Liverpool - Queenstown (Cobh) - Boston, on 22 May 1900. and stayed on this service until 1909, when she was transferred to the Trieste - Fiume - Naples - New York service for two voyages and then resumed the Liverpool - Queenstown - Boston run. In 1910 she was again transferred to the Trieste - New York service and in 1911 went onto the Liverpool - Queenstown - New York service. 1912 resumed Trieste - New York until 8 July 1914 when she made her last trip Trieste - Fiume - Patras - Messina - Naples - Lisbon - New York. On 29 August 1914 she sailed from Liverpool to New York and then on to Quebec where she became a Canadian troop transport. 1914 - 1915 was used as a prisoner of war ship in London. On 1 March 1917 resumed London - New York for three voyages and in September returned to Liverpool - New York run. In 1920 she was refitted to carry 471 cabin class and 978-3rd class passengers and the funnel was shortened by 15ft. In 1924 she made her last voyage from London - Hamburg - Southampton - Cherbourg - New York and in scrapped in March 1925.

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