Skeezix is a character in the comic series Gasoline Alley. This series was created by Frank O. King,born in 1883 in Cashton, Wisconsin. He became a cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate. In 1916 he created the first nationally distributed general Sunday gag page, the precursor to the Sunday comics supplement. The gag page contained several separate one panel gags on topical themes set in a rectangular box on the first page of the theater section and was popularly known as the "Rectangle." King occasionally ran a cartoon in the Rectangle based on the everyday life of a group of men tinkering on cars in an alley, and amongst them was Walt Wallet. On August 24, 1919, King began a strip cartoon based on these occasional cartoons, called Gasoline Alley. At first the series had limited appeal. Urged by his publisher to appeal to a broader audience, King redirected the series towards the Wallet family and placed a foundling, "Skeezix," at Walt's door. Skeezix was adopted by Walt and his cartoon wife, Phyllis Rumpus Blossom.

With time two more children were added, Corky, Skeezix' foster brother, and Judy, another foundling. As Skeezix aged in the series he became interested in cars and girls. He graduated from school, got a job and during World War II, joined the army. Skeezix married a series character named Nina and they had two children of their own, Chipper and Clovia.

One of the most significant aspects of Gasoline Alley is that the characters all age in "real time." For nearly 80 years, readers have been able to relate to the experiences of successive generations of the Wallet clan. In 1941, Frank King wrote, "Just what the future holds for Skeezix and Gasoline Alley nobody knows. If permitted a fanciful prophecy, I should say that Skeezix will eventually marry, probably raise a family and make Uncle Walt a happy foster grandparent. Skeezix's offspring will in turn grow up, marry and have children. They in turn will thrive and mature and repeat the customary cycle ad infinitum." (from Comics and their Creators, by Martin Sheridan)

The statement that Skeezix, like Peter Pawlak, was "born" on a Sunday or on December 4 appears to be incorrect. According to the comic strip, Allison "Skeezix" Wallet was "born" on February 9, 1921 (a Wednesday) and desposited on Walter Wallet's (Uncle Walt) doorstep on February 14, 1921 (a Monday).