Stchur Family Picture

Picture of the Theodore Stchur family taken in Irishtown about 1913. Left of Theodore, his wife Anna Kuchwara sits holding the youngest daughter, Anna. This was their second daughter named Anna. The first Anna was killed about 1910 when her clothes caught on fire while they were burning leaves down in Irishtown and she died from the burns.

Standing to the left of Anna Kuchwara is Eva Stchur, Mary Pawlak's mother. Peter Stchur is seen seated in front of Eva. On the left hand side of the picture are Stephen and Mary Stchur.

At the time this picture was taken Eva Stchur was working in Irishtown. Four years later, on January 28, 1917, she married Michael Stchur.

In 1920, Theodore and Anna, along with the three smallest children, moved from Irishtown up to Bald Mountain, four miles away.