Script for Straight Arrow Puppet Show - It's mine, all mine! - This is the script of the Straight Arrow puppet show, "It's mine, all mine!" in easy-to-read text format with the commercials from the instruction card inserted as the notes in the script indicate.

IT'S MINE, ALL MINE! (Show only one character at a time "on screen")

ANNOUNCER: Hi there, cowpunchers! Before we start our exciting story, I'm going to give you a sure tip on how you can have the same sure-fire energy that Straight Arrow has. Eat plenty of wholesome NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT with milk - it's the best tasting, healthiest breakfast food ever. You can enjoy it any time of the day. Straight Arrow always eats NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT. He says, "You hard-ridin' straight-shooters ought to eat it, too." Ask Mom to get a box at the grocery store today. Now, for our story. ANNOUNCER: Steve Adams and Packy are walking down the main drag of Red Gulch. STEVE: We got a big job ahead. Colonel Yessir wants us to track down the Injuns what robbed the soljers payroll. PACKY: Jumpin' rattlesnakes - three of them thar soljer boys owes me some money. If they ain't paid, I ain't paid. Let's git hustlin'. STEVE: Let's! Say, here comes Cactus Harry! PACKY: Varmint! What dirty work you up to now? CACTUS: Hold yuh tongue, yuh bow-legged, ole weezil! STEVE: Hold on, boys! Whoa! Well, Cactus, been keepin' busy? Looks like you been paintin'. CACTUS: Paintin! Yer plumb loco, Adams. Never used a paint brush in muh life. STEVE: My mistake, Cactus. Just noticed that paint smudge behind your ear. CACTUS: Eh, paint smudge? Musta dripped on me somewhere. Well, take it easy, boys. PACKY: Steve, air you a'thinkin' what I'm a'thinkin'? Everyone knows Cactus was kicked out of the Army for stealin' by the Colonel. He wants revenge and he's out to humilerate the Colonel. STEVE: Right, Packy! You stick with Cactus. I'm gonna call on Straight Arrow - We'll solve this mystery. FURY: (neighs - stamps feet). ARROW: Yes, Fury, it is I STRAIGHT ARROW! Up stallion: to the nest of Cactus Harry to find that payroll. Kaneewah, Fury! (raises bow and arrow) - (horse gallop - tap fingers for sound).


PACKY: Funny, Cactus Harry's sleepin' outside his cabin. FURY: (Whinnies) PACKY: That's Fury or I'm a grasshopper's uncle. Not too dark yet. Better send up smoke signals with muh pipe so's Straight Arrow'll come keerful-like. ARROW: Ah, Fury, Packy's signal. Cactus Harry sleeps beneath the sky tonight. Quiet, big horse, we must surprise him. Now! CACTUS: Whut in tarnation - Straight Arrow! Stop! ARROW: When I finish binding you, robber, I came to see if Steve Adams was right in guessin' you're the payroll thief that robbed the Colonel's safe. Packy, search the cabin. CACTUS: Packy! No, stay out! Yuh cain't go in thar! PACKY: Straight Arrow, thar's the missin' money under that thar bunk. CACTUS: It's mine, mine - I stole it - it's mine! ARROW: Nevertheless, you must be punished for your crime, Cactus Harry. We will go to Colonel Yessir and tell him how you and your accomplice painted your faces like Indians and stole the payroll from the Colonel's safe. Undoubtedly your partner was Whisker Will. CACTUS: I confess. PACKY: Good! Now, Arrow, let's git that payroll to the Colonel, so's I kin collect from them soljer boys whut owes me money. ARROW: A good idea, Packy. Cactus Harry like to play Indian, so we'll see that he gets enough time to play in the next 20 years! FURY: (Whinnies) ANNOUNCER: That was a thriller! Straight Arrow always brings varmints to justice. And he gets his pep from NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT. Every bowl of NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT is packed with energy and you need to keep you going strong - in school and at play. Try it! It's so tasty you'll want a second helping. And Mom won't mind at all - it's good for you - and costs so little. Have some NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT today and tune in to another exciting Straight Arrow story tomorrow. See you then!