Straight Arrow Puppet Show Script - Stage Raider

Script for Straight Arrow Puppet Show - Stage Raider - This is the script of the Straight Arrow puppet show, "Stage Raider" in easy-to-read text format with the commercials from the instruction card inserted as the notes in the script indicate.

STAGE RAIDER (Show only one character at a time "on screen")

ANNOUNCER: Hi there, cowpunchers! Before we start our exciting story, I'm going to give you a sure tip on how you can have the same sure-fire energy that Straight Arrow has. Eat plenty of wholesome NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT with milk - it's the best tasting, healthiest breakfast food ever. You can enjoy it any time of the day. Straight Arrow always eats NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT. He says, "You hard-ridin' straight-shooters ought to eat it, too." Ask Mom to get a box at the grocery store today. Now, for our story. ANNOUNCER: We find Steve Adams and Packy reading a bulletin on the door of Blue River Jail house. STEVE: Looks like the raider got another stage, Packy. PACKY: Shore'd like t' git that varmint, Steve. CACTUS: Howdy, boys. Say, there's a slippery eel fer yuh. Thet gold he rustled'll keep him sittin' pretty fer a spell. STEVE: How'd yuh know it was gold he stole, Cactus? CACTUS: Huh? Jest heerd talk, Adams. Well, gotta mosey along now. Been weeks since I done any pannin' by Silver Creek. PACKY: Peers like Cactus is actin' queer-like, Steve. STEVE: Somethin' else I saw, too. Packy. Tag after that bird, Packy. It's time Steve Adams became Straight Arrow. FURY: (Neighs) ARROW: Yes, Fury, it is I, Straight Arrow! We ride for justice! Kaneewah, Fury! (raises bow and arrow - tap fingers for gallop) Slow, Fury, Here - where the coach was held up- by Silver Creek. See, the bad one's tracks in the yellow clay. FURY: (Blows - stamps feet) ARROW: (raises bow and arrow) Now, Fury to Cactus Harry!


CACTUS: So, yuh ole buzzard - hankerin' t' snoop around, eh? Guess I got yuh tied up enough so's yuh won't foller Cactus Harry no more. PACKY: Jest wait'll Steve gits here. CACTUS: Ha, Adams gets what you get, old timer, soon's he shows his face. What's that! FURY: (Whinnies) CACTUS: Tarnation - it's Straight Arrow! PACKY: Now yuh git yores, yuh rip-snortin', eagle-eyed coyote! Straight Arrow'll fix yuh! CACTUS: Wait'll he steps in that door. One word from you, cow-poke, and you're finished! ARROW: Things are quiet, big horse. No sigh of Packy. (raises hand to brow - looks around) I sense danger. FURY: (Blows - stamps feet) ARROW: You, too, stallion? Caution - we need a plan - ah, Fury - there, I have lassoed the door. When I whistle, pull it down - I will enter through the window. (Whistle) Now, Fury! Pull! (clap hand on table for sound of falling door) CACTUS: What - Straight Arrow! Let go - oof... PACKY: Hooray, Straight Arrow! ARROW: At last the stagecoach bandit is captured. CACTUS: You've got nothin' on me! ARROW: Wrong, flea - I heard you tell Steve Adams you have not been near Silver Creek for weeks. Yet yellow clay is on your boots. Yellow clay found only at Silver Creek. PACKY: And I saw where he hid the gold, Arrow! ARROW: Good work, friend - and now, after I free you - to the sheriff's office with Cactus Harry. Then you must be my guest and share a package of NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT with me. PACKY: Great! CACTUS: Licked again! FURY: (Whinnies) ANNOUNCER: That was a thriller! Straight Arrow always brings varmints to justice. And he gets his pep from NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT. Every bowl of NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT is packed with energy and you need to keep you going strong - in school and at play. Try it! It's so tasty you'll want a second helping. And Mom won't mind at all - it's good for you - and costs so little. Have some NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT today and tune in to another exciting Straight Arrow story tomorrow. See you then!