March 17, 1943 V-mail letter from Italy

On March 17, 1943, Roland Anderson, while in Italy, sent this V-mail letter to his parents. The image shown here is full-sized. To aid readability, the contents of the letter are reproduced here.

At the very top of the letter are the following instructions:

Print the complete address in plain block letters in the panel below, and your return address in the spaces provided. Use typewriter, dark ink or pencil. Write plainly. Very small writing is not suitable.

Below the instructions, to the left, there is a signature written within the circle labeled "CENSOR'S STAMP"

Mr. + Mrs. A. N. Anderson
22 Fraternal Ave
Worcester, Mass.

Lt. Roland N. Anderson
APO 19231-H
c/o Postmaster N.Y., N.Y.

17 March '45

Hello folks!
Everything is fine and the food is o.k. The conditions in southern Italy are deplorable - the people are filthy in every sense of the word, and will do anything for cigaretts, they even come up to you and want to buy the shoes and pants that you are wearing. Little children three years old and over beg for your cigarette butts and smoke them. The days are warm, but the nights get cold and damp, so pajamas come in handy. If Mary is in Worcester, tell her I've been writing her at the Wilkes-Barre address.