Vanstad Household Record from about 1894

Vanstad Household Record from about 1894.

August Napoleon Andersson was born on the 23rd of September 1882 in the village of Tolånga in Southern Sweden. August was the son of Anders Andersson and his wife Karna Nilsdotter. They were married on April 6, 1881. Sometime around 1890 the family moved from Tolånga to the nearby village of Vanstad. The picture above shows the Vanstad Household Record, a kind of census, for August's family completed sometime around 1894. It lists all the members of the household.
Worker: Anders Andersson (photo), born in Tolånga on 23 May, 1857
Wife: Karna Nilsdotter, born in Frenninge on 25 May, 1855
son: Otto Erik (photo) born in Tolånga on 13 June, 1881
son: August Napoleon born in Tolånga on 23 September 1882
son: Olof Herman born in Tolånga on 12 July 1884
daughter: Emma Lovisa (photo) born in Tolånga 5 September 1886
daughter: Hilda Victoria (photo) born in Tolånga on 23 December 1887
son: Anton Julius (photo) born in Vanstad on 25 September 1890
son: Oscar Ulrik born in Vanstad on 3 September 1893

There are two early photographs of August: 1894 and about 1902

According to the family legends told in the 1950's Anders Andersson was a man of poor character. While the exact nature of this poor character is lost at the time of this narration, the general impression created was that the family went downhill with Anders as husband and father. One story told was that Karna had come from a more well-situated family, her father being a teacher or something. The story went that Karna's family had given Anders and Karna a gift of value, perhaps it was small farm, and that after a time it was lost, thanks to Anders efforts or lack thereof. According to family hearsay, Karna lived an unhappy life.

Olof's daughter, Daisy Herman, in talking about her father has said, "From what I understand he did not like the way his dad treated his mother. I remember my mother telling me that my dad said he would not go to the U.S. until after his mother died. I am assuming this is true - that she passed away first." The records show that Olof left for America about two and a half years after his mother died.

Karna died at the age of 56 on 8 October 1907. Her address at the time of her death was listed as Östra Björkeröd 2b.

Anders Andersson died from liver cancer on 14 February 1922. He was 64 years old. His address at the time was recorded as Björkeröd 2c.

All of Anders' and Karna's children emigrated to America expect for Emma and Oscar. Emma wanted to go to America but it is said that her eyesight was too poor to pass the physical requirements placed upon immigrants at the time. With time Emma became the owner of a small rooming house. When August returned to Sweden about 1950 he lived in Emma's rooming house until the time of his death in 1952.

Of Oscar it was said that he had a hard childhood. Details are lost but it wasn't a pleasant story that was told to later generations. Either mistreated by his father or forced to live in conditions of extreme poverty or maybe some of both, it was said that he lived in a room with only a thin board wall or partition between himself and the pigs. Oscar's difficult childhood seems to have been the beginning of a difficult live. Available information indicates he worked as a manual laborer. Oscar died at the age of 70 on 11 November 1963. His address at the time of his death was Stora Kvarngatan 4-6 located in the Sankt Petri area of Malmö. This was the location of "Stadsmissionen", an institution similar to a Salvation Army homeless shelter, providing meals and social aid for unmarried, homeless men, most often alcoholics. He died of throat cancer (carcinoma of esophagi) at the Malmö sjukhem (care center) on Sallerupsvägen 21 in Malmö. His Swedish Social Security number was 18930903-935.

Oscar Ulrik Andersson's Estate Inventory

Emma died 3 May 1971. Her address was Örnbogatan 9 in Husie, 212 32 Malmö. Her Swedish Social Security number was 18860905-4542.

Emma Lovisa Andersson's Estate Inventory and Will